The Twilight Veil (...
By catfishhamsterlady
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COMPLETED- 2018 "Where did you come from?" Ilia asked and that's when everything stopped. Where did I come from? I tried to remember, I thought really hard but all I could say was, "I came from a place where no mortal should ever come from if they dare keep their head." Why did I say that? When (Y/n) wakes up having no memory of anything, not even her home, she makes it her mission to know. Before she can even start, (Y/n) gets tangled up in Link's strings of fate and decides to tag along with him in his adventure. With her emerald pendant as the only thing tying her back home, (Y/n) is clueless. Link, on the other hand, is more than eager to help her out. Together they're faced with challenges for the hero and the tag-along who's a pretty great companion, along with an imp who yells at them constantly. Nothing can go wrong. However, there is one person standing in the way of (Y/n) getting home. Her best friend, the Usurper King, Zant. And nothing will get in his way of protecting (Y/n) at all costs, even if he has to place a veil over her eyes to shield her from his doings. This is, the Twilight Veil. A reader insert. (Y/n)- Your name (L/n)- Last name (S/c) -Skin color (E/c)- Eye color (H/c)- Hair color The plot for this story is made by me. The plot of the game is made by Nintendo. I do not own you, I do not own this game. All characters are licensed to Nintendo and I'm just a nerd in love with Link. (Y/n) is for YOU and she may not act like you, but it's how I portray it. Art!! If you wanna make fanart for this, email it to me at: I will post it with your username and love it. #1 For the Tag Zant


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The Twili...
by catfishhamsterlady