The Amber Paladin
By MissAmberWrites
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- Voltron Keith x Reader - One night Pidge wanted you to come to the roof of the Garrison. Little did you know where that night would lead you. Ending up to a weird alien castle and finding out that you are a Paladin of Voltron, piloting the Amber Lion. It was all too overwhelming. You were now a Defender of the Universe. What a title. How could you ever live up to that name? This book will mainly follow the storyline of the episodes, apart from some changes, extra chapters and a lot of additions. (I've been publishing this story in Quotev, and now I'm publishing it in Wattpad too.) (I do not own Voltron: Legendary Defenders or any of its characters.)

I am no Paladin part 1

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The Amber...
by MissAmberWrites