The Auction
By siren321
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"You're mine now..." he whispers softly near my ear, brushing his lower lip slowly against my cheek in such tenderness, I nearly forgot where I was and exactly whom I was with. I continued to just stare at his slow movements, the way he was holding my waist securely, or the way his hand reached out to touch my cheek... It was like alarm clocks blaring in my head; screaming at me to push him away, to prevent him from going further. Yet I couldn't. I couldn't move him away. I couldn't shove him. The voices in my head where almost deafening, yet compared to the shallow breaths of Maxon. Silence. The way he was watching me, it was as if I had something he was desperately searching for, and when my confused gaze raised up from his chest, it met with dark brown swirls of sensation. His eyes darkened and his hands tightened around my waist. "Now kiss me." he whispers lowly, smirking as he smashed his lips against mine. • • • Extended description. Inside!!!!!! Warning: childish moments. And some annoying characters!!!! "Omg this book is so good 🎉💛💛💛" @i_lobecheetos "THIS BOOK IS AWESOME I LOVE IT!!!!!!" @lmillian8294 "I love this book" @rori218 Thanks for reading. *TESSY*

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The Aucti...
by siren321