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England 1921. For fifty handicapped veterans left without home or job after WW1, the only person standing between them and utter destitution is Olivia Altringham. Lacking sufficient funds and a support network, Olivia has managed to keep her veteran's programme running by sheer determination and force of personality. Now, a soldier she had an affair with during the war has suddenly reappeared in her life, forcing her to re-examine their time together and how she ended their affair. At the same time, mysterious and deadly events unfold on the estate that threaten to unbalance the safe environment she has created for her handicapped charges. The times, and circumstances, are rapidly changing and Olivia realises she must change with them -- or risk going under completely. 🔔 #1 in Historic Fiction May 2020 🔔 Featured on the Wattpad Hidden Gems list May/June 2020 🔔 1st place in the Jelsa Awards 2019 🔔 1st place in the One Million Project Awards 2018 in the category Historic/General fiction. 🔔 1st place in the Asteria Awards 2018 in the category of Historical Fiction 🔔 1st place in the Rise Awards 2018 in the category of Historical Fiction

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