The Wicked Born
By listeningcarefully
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Tabitha Windart has a price on her head by order of the King himself--the payment for the death of the witch has only grown each year since it first began on her 11th birthday. No one has come even close to claiming this prize. Tabitha allows herself to believe that all will be alright until news reaches her that the King has managed to get his hands on the one thing she cares about. She will do anything to ensure that she gets back what was stolen from her. Dacre Rossford is a bastard. He spent his entire life not knowing who his father was until the day of his mother's death when she finally whispered the name of his dad in his ear. He made the mistake of drunkenly telling another person that he thought was his friend one night after that. He has been on the run ever since. Imagine his surprise when he hears that Tabitha, the only other person that the King wants dead more than him, is on a hunt for him. All bets are off as he flees for his life from two separate yet equally deadly forces--the wicked witch and the King. Warning: This story contains violence, explicit language, and dark themes.

Chapter 1

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The Wicke...
by listeningcarefully