An Angel Blooms (Gl...
By TwinGames7
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The sweet and smexy love story: You are part of the Kingsglaive and King Regis has askes you to accompany Noctis and is friends on their journey. The four men don't seem to happy about it, but maybe they'll learn to like you over time. This story is about Gladio. Don't forget to read my other fanfics about the other guys. Also I don't own any of this. All credit goes to Square Enix for making such an incredible game. Excerpt from Chapter 3: I threw my weapon for a warpstrike, but he managed to dodge it causing me to warp back down with my back turned to him. After landing, I quickly turned around and blocked his attack with my sword. We stood eye to eye trying to break the other. However, I was clearly struggling while he looked like he was barely trying. He chuckled and parried me with ease. I slipped and nearly fell back until I felt a hand wrap around my waist. Gladio pulled me forward until I was on my feet and pressed against his hot body. "I have to admit you are pretty tough," he said seductively, "I like a woman who can take care of herself," I became flustered and quickly pushed him away, "I'm not done with you, yet!" Once I was free I summoned my sword and went to attack him while he was caught off guard, but he quickly dodged me again and this time I felt his fingers wrap tightly around my wrist. He pulled me to face him and then got close enough to me that I was leaning against the edge of the cliff. The action was so quick he might has well have slammed me into the jagged rock. As painful as it was I was distracted by him. He had my arm held up on one side of my head like he was pinning me. His other hand was placed on the cliff on the other side of my head and he leaned over above me, I was intimidated, but not out of fear. He spoke in that gruff tone again, but this time he was close enough to my ear that I could feel his warm breath as he talked, "Oh, I think you are, sweetheart."


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An Angel...
by TwinGames7