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By hanmariam
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Alas Ferrer is blind. After witnessing the death of his sister and father before his eyes, he refused to continue living and see again. Alas was sent to one of their properties in Davao to cope up with the loss of his family, only to meet a cunning and sly fox, Belle Avanzado. Even with blind eyes, Alas was smitten by Belle's dazzling personality. He fell in love with a girl he had never seen before. But unlike the popular fairytale Beauty and the Beast who had a happy ending, Alas and Belle was thrown into the darker side of fairytale. Because who falls in love with a beast? NOTE: This story was first written in 2018, which may romanticize toxic relationships and red flags amongst characters. Please take it with a grain of salt as revision hasn't started yet.

The Beauty Tames the Beast

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Twisted H...
by hanmariam