Remembrance: Future...
By IrisTheCow
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Eren, a 23 year old male who has spent majority of his life stuck behind the walls of a plain, white hospital room, is now given the opportunity to explore the world beyond. He gets to experience things he never would have if he were still stuck in that same room he so despised. Levi, a 26 year old man who has brightened up the world of another and given him newfound hopes and dreams, has found himself smiling more often than the norm after he decides to make two individuals become one. He gets to learn what it means to love another and to never take them for granted. Immerse yourself into an adventure you'll never forget as the two lovers take on their greatest challenge yet. And, with only sheer determination, how will they cope when the two are forced apart? ... Mild language (Use Of Derogatory Terms) ... Remembrance: Present [1] ALREADY OUT!! Remembrance: Past [3] COMING SOON!!

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by IrisTheCow