A Bird in Hand
By skdryan
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All her life, Airla wondered why her closest friend was locked away in her chambers. No matter the comfort, Eilonora was neither allowed outside nor to be touched by another despite being the heir to the Ó'Brin family. After her parents' sudden death, Eilonora is left as the Head of the Ó'Brin family and County, taking possession of all things above and below the ground. After an eccentric, rich heir from a neighboring County takes refuge inside the Ó'Brin Castle from an abnoraml snowstorm, a peculiar string of deaths occur amongst the staff while Airla grows closer to Eilonora. In an attempt to save Eilonora from the dangers inside and out, she learns why her best friend was locked away all those years and what terrible secrets sit behind the tapestries and polished stone. [Rated M for graphic depictions of violence, strong language, and (later) sexual content.]


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A Bird in...
by skdryan