Owning the Vampire...
By chokeMeHarder22
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It's been years since the humans completely took over. The minute they knew of the supernatural, they aimed to destroy. Without giving the supernaturals a chance to speak or defend themselves, humans destroyed every other species but the werewolves and vampires. The two were left alive to be sold as slaves, since they were useful in their strength and speed. Lillian Brave is an only child, a lonely book worm in a wealthy family. She believes the slavery is wrong and has been able to live seventeen years without owning a slave. However, it is now being forced upon her by her mother as she reaches the age of eighteen. She spends three million dollars on a rather handsome looking vampire for a reason unknown to her. Instead of becoming her slave, this vampire that cost so much becomes much, much more.

It's Time

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Owning th...
by chokeMeHarder22