Blue Butterfly | Am...
By Jelly-zero
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[Reader x Amajiki Tamaki] Weak. Pathetic. Someone born with a butterfly quirk was surely bound to stay at rock-bottom in the world of heroes. But not [Name]. She was ready to fight. - Setting off to U.A. and landing a spot in the famous hero course is no easy feat even for the talented. With a Quirk that is constantly belittled, [Name] learns how to overcome obstacles and defend her spot, easily becoming friends with Mirio, Nejire and Tamaki who are also often overlooked and underestimated by their peers. But when people from [Name]'s past unexpectedly return and start to stir up trouble, confrontations with the one person she hates is inevitable. Yet, even in the chaos of it all, is a blooming bud of romance with a certain introvert in her class. [Slow burn: A Full Length Tamaki Story] [Major credit to @Condensed_milku for the amazing cover!] [Credit to all artists for the images used]

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Blue Butt...
by Jelly-zero