Dreamer [boyxboy]
By Raurzxoetc
  • Paranormal
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  • dreaming
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Dreams come true. Well in Drake's case they do. After being haunted by terrifying nightmares every night for most of his life, it's a wonderful relief when Drake's unconscious imagination conjures up the image of a boy. A beautiful boy at that. Until he wakes up. Conjured through a quickly closing portal from the dreamworld to reality by Drake's dreaming, Sade Starlin is suddenly plunged from his dying Dreamland into the very arms of the person who is destroying it. Given this one chance to return the world to its original state and permanently cure Drake of his nightmares, Sade leaps at the opportunity. Except for a a few unexpected drawbacks. In Drake's world, dreams don't just appear out of thin air. Drake doesn't believe in him, let alone the dreamworld. In Drake's world, boys don't kiss boys... meaning Sade's going to hard time getting Drake into Dreamland and returning home. He's got a lot to work out and he's running out of time.

Dreamer [boyxboy]

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Dreamer [...
by Raurzxoetc