His to be Forced
By BeautyOfCapricorn
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Unedit book⚠ Read it on your own risk. "If we ever get lost on our way, the waves will guide us thru another day." ~Anonymous. "I can have anything of this world but not you. I just want all of you for myself." ~Anonymous. Join the journey of Aiza who is forced to marry Musa. Something happened to her in one year which made her running but soon she found herself wife of Musa by forced. ............... Suddenly, they all stop talking and whispering, and I feel both sides of the couch dip. I close my eyes tightly, don't know where my fate is taking me. "Do you Aiza Chaudhry daughter of Rizwan Chaudhry accept Musa Malik son of Tanveer Malik as your husband?" Qazi sahab asked but I keep quiet not know what to do. He again ask but again I keep quiet. When he ask last time I feel someone put a hand on my hands and call me. I take a deep shaky breath and close my eyes tightly as tears start flowing from my eyes. "Q-qab..ool..hai." I said three times with shaky and shiver voice. I hear many sigh in relief from my surroundings. They hand me Nikah papers and I sign on it with my shivering hands. ............... Impressive Ranking: #40 in Apologize 20/6/2018 #93 in sorry 27/6/2018 #1 in Pakistan 17/7/2018 Love you, guys. Regards, Captain Rose. Cover credit: @GlamoursMe


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His to be...
by BeautyOfCapricorn