'Normal' With No St...
By HackerBlu
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Warning. Triggers such as abuse, bullying, and others are in this story. Edit: I am aware that Error's blush is actually blue but I'm too lazy to change it. It will be blue in future stories. Code is not the actual name for Error Papyrus. I just made the name up because Error Papyrus isn't called anything. --------- Ink- Ugh. I hate school. I can't wait until summer so me, Frisk, Blue, and Dream can hang. It's the beginning of school, so that ain't happening. There's a new kid and his brothers. They look...different...from other kids, but I don't know why. Error- It's my 1st time going to school even though it's high school. I have been home schooled for years and it wasn't even that well. I wish school could last forever, so me and my brothers wouldn't have to go back to that hell hole we call a home. The truth is...I'm scared. Ink-jock Error-nerd Started- April 21, 2018

Chapter 1 Hello School

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by HackerBlu