And Your Girl Can S...
By AndYourGirlCanSing
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You are a modern day British girl in love with Paul McCartney... or so you think. That is, until history plays you a wild card and sends John Lennon forward in time to you. Everything changes-not only in your life but in history when you realize two things: one, that you're falling in love with John, and two, that that comes at a huge cost: because John met you, the Beatles never existed. You must eventually make a heartbreaking choice as you discover exactly what sacrifice this generous gift the universe has bestowed on you means to the world. WARNING: Mature language, sexual content, mentions of abuse, drugs and alcohol, and the possibility you might not like the ending.

Chapter 1: Dear Fate, You Sent me the Wrong Beatle

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And Your...
by AndYourGirlCanSing