And Your Girl Can S...
By AndYourGirlCanSing
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[Wattys 2018 Winner + consistent updates!] You are a modern day British girl in love with Paul McCartney... or so you think. That is, until history plays you a wild card and sends John Lennon forward in time to you. Everything changes-not only in your life as you become the Beatles' bass player and John's lover, but also in history when you realize two things: one, that you're falling in love with John, and two, that that comes at a huge cost: because John met you, the Beatles never existed. You must eventually make a heartbreaking choice as you discover exactly what sacrifice this generous gift the universe has bestowed on you means to the world. WARNING: Mature language, sexual content, mentions of abuse, drugs and alcohol, and the possibility you might not like the ending. IF ANY OF THESE THINGS BOTHERS YOU please don't read. Things do get dark at many points.

Introduction, Disclaimers, Hello!

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And Your...
by AndYourGirlCanSing