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By Artzee_Dorito
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You were George Washington's daughter, and when Thomas Jefferson came back home in 1789, you were beyond excited. You heard about all of the good things he had done for the nation, and were waiting for him when he arrived. But you couldn't seem to find him. So you started walking around, and the one and only bumped into you. Then that cliche "love at first sight" thing began. For you, at least. You were going all heart-eyes-emoji over this guy. To your delight/horror, Thomas had moved into the mansion next door to yours. You also ran into Alexander Hamilton and became good buddies with him. But you always found yourself in a situation where you had to side with one of them, and you couldn't choose. Thomas also got a bit jealous when you and Alex hung out. It also doesn't help that he's constantly busy. Will you and Thomas tie the knot and have a good life together despite several issues?

Chapter 1: So, What'd I Miss?

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by Artzee_Dorito