Volleyball Princess
By Sarcasmforsure
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Featured on Wattpad Sports and Young Adult Reading Lists [ 100K Reads ] ✓ [150K Reads ] ~ What does he mean by an offer? Well, it doesn't matter, I'm not going to stand and wait for him to come back, who knows how long he'll take. I toss the volleyball I have in my hand in the air and get myself ready to do another serve. When I hit the ball, it goes once again across the net, hitting the floor. "You were right man, her serves look deadly," I hear a voice says. I look towards the gymnasium doors and I see Sean plus a bunch of other guys staring back at me. ~ The last thing Anita Jones was expecting when she went to her local community center to practice some volleyball was to be recruited by her school's rival volleyball team. No, not the girl's team but the boy's team. When she manages to impress the team and their stoic captain, they convince her to transfer to their school and play for their team. Joining their team won't be a problem because what Anita gains is a new school plus new friends but playing against the school that rejected her, breaking gender stereotypes, and not to mention dealing with her sexy captain that she might have the hots for; Anita has her work cut out for her. ~ HR: #89 in Teen Fiction (April 2020) Published: May, 2018


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by Sarcasmforsure