The Greatest Journe...
By Maya_2410
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Anne only remembers the last ten years of her life, everything prior to that is just a void of darkness, a pixelated picture in which she cannot make out the image. All Anne wants is to discover who she is, who she was before she was found on the side of the road. With only one clue to her past, Anne enlists the help of two conmen: P.T. Barnum, a man who is trying to get back to his family after losing all his money, and Phillip Carlyle, an ex member of the upper class. Together, the three of them formulate a plan in order to journey to the past and find their futures. However, with any plan - nothing ever goes accordingly. I DO NOT OWN THE CHARCTERS OR THE MAJOIRTY OF THE PLOT, THIS ALL GOES TO THE WONDERFUL DIRECTORS AND PRODUCERS OF THE FILM "THE GREATEST SHOWMAN" AND THE BROADWAY MUSICAL "ANASTASIA".


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The Great...
by Maya_2410