Bullet With A Name...
By kirstennimwey
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NOTE: This book will only post its first chapter as free sample preview. If you want to read the full book, please buy a copy by going to the external link at the right. Support the hard work of this author. Bullet With A Name is the new action-adventure novel by Kirsten Nimwey. It is the story of a young Mafia Soldier named El Sicario, who seeks justice after the death of his parents killed by a mysterious assassin in 1990. Vengeance. Hatred. Trust. "He will never stop until he finds the killer..." Meet Vladimiro Hartmann, a young man who has longed for justice after a mysterious assassin killed his parents in 1990. While grieving after the loss of his parents he meets Pancho Altamirano, and offers him his help to find the killer by joining his company. With Altamirano, Hartmann joins a Mafia organization called Altamirano Crime Family. And after becoming a Mafia Soldier, Hartmann changes his new identity as El Sicario for being Altamirano Crime Family's professional hitman. Now he will never stop until he finds the killer...

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Bullet Wi...
by kirstennimwey