A Series Of Unfortu...
By ajoifuls1ngr137
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The three Buardelaire orphans and the two Qagmire triplets are off on another adventure. They just escaped Count Olaf clutches once again and are headed further and further into the Hinterlands. But it isn't long until they find more trouble... ... and a new set of children of VFD. Only they are more suspicious than the organization itself. (I decided change the plot of the end of 'The Vile Village: Part 2' and use similar situations throughout the rest of season 2. Once the cliffhanger comes, I'll create the rest of the plot on my own, but don't worry; I've read enough research online to know about Quigley, Fiona, Kit and Beatrice. I do not own any of the characters except the ones I created... obviously. All the characters belong to Lemony Snicket himself.) (BTW, there is going to be lots of Kladora, a.k.a. Klaus x Isadora, and maybe some Dunlet or Quiglet.. Yes, I kinda like Kladora and not Kliona or whatever the ship name is for Klaus x Fiona.) The world is quiet here... So... BYE!!! ~Vocalist_Joi_13/7 says PAALAM

A Baffling Beginning

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A Series...
by ajoifuls1ngr137