The War of Elevens|...
By come-alive-again
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This is the story of how a storm and a space-thief started an apocalypse. Lillian Cart Ci, a spunky thirteen-year-old girl with a newfound ability to steal from space, must leave Earth after she is blackmailed into joining the army for an upcoming world war in the Shifter World, a world with opera-singing walls, uptight fairies, trees that sing lullabies only the deaf can hear, glowing mushrooms as big as houses, and whispering stars. Shifters are people with the ability to produce either fire, water, or earthly elements from their fingertips and are the dominant race of this world. They thrive beneath an international government that kills any human with strange or unheard of magical powers. Under the careful watch of the government's eye, Lillian must train for a war her ancestors prepared for-a war against a race of people called Acids, whose magic is more destructive than any weapon or Shifter army. This is the story of how eleven monsters took over the world. Eleven beasts that have been created by a vengeful man nicknamed Storm are eating cities and towns alive. From the moment the beasts unearthed themselves to the Shifter World, they've been killing machines, sucking the color and culture from every continent across the globe. Using the brink of the Shifter-Acid war as a foothold, Storm uses his monsters to not only create chaos, but to find the most magic-dense spot in the Shifter World so that he can destroy the very dimension keeping the Shifter World breathing. In a world of opera-singing walls, cannibalistic psychics, screaming stars, and crooked cities, Lilly must band together with a group of multicultural disparate friends and put her spunk to use to stay afloat in the dangerous waters of the Shifter World. This is the story of how monsters and stars went to war.

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The War o...
by come-alive-again