Under The Billionai...
By clairedbennett
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He had thought he had everything. But she proved him wrong. He didn't have her. When she smiled, his blood tickled. When she laughed, his heart throbbed. But when she looked at him, everything else faded. Only she existed. He could bathe in money, and yet it would never come close to the fortune she bestowed upon him when she entered his life. She was priceless. Precious. And she wasn't his. Meet Alexander Winton. Now twenty-nine, he was kicked into the role as CEO of Winton Properties two years prior. He'd argue that it happened too soon, but his business ventures beg to differ. Since the death of his father, Nathaniel Winton, Alexander has made the company prosper beyond recognition. Above the intense demand for his attention, he has little time to spare. Worse is it that his personal assistant, Janice Bradford, just revealed her pregnancy to him. Finding a replacement is an imminent concern. How else is he supposed to organise his chaotic life? Meanwhile, twenty-two year old Ivy Dawson is pouring pint after pint at the local pub just down the street from her flat in Camden Town, London. She can make a mean cocktail, but all these middle-aged men want is a boring draft beer. For years, she's wanted to quit her job and re-start her studies, but ever since her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, she's worked full-time in order to pay down the loan for her mother's initial treatment at a private clinic. There went the money supposed to help finance her education, too. She could use a bit of luck, but her entire life, it's been avoiding her. Thanks to Freddie Dixon - Ivy's best mate from childhood - that was about to change. After what seemed like an impossible turn of events, Ivy found herself in the home of Alexander Winton in Kensington, being interviewed by none other than Freddie's pregnant girlfriend, Janice Bradford. Will she get the job and become Janice's replacement?


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Under The...
by clairedbennett