Song of The Rebelli...
By mahriyumm
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◤ SEMIDEUS SAGA #04 ◢ Promise of the Twelve - End of the rebellion as prophecied by the titan goddess, Mnemosyne. It seems like fighting a titan is not enough. From the ends of the world, our heroes will each have to use their unique abilities to stop the rebellion and prevent Cronus' awakening. The Alphas are the Omegas. One by one, they will learn of their destiny. And for them, this is all about what the rebellion will bring to the mortal realms. Their primary mission as children of the Olympians is to protect the world, afterall. Olympus Academy. The Elysian Oracle. The Prophecies of Rhea. The Promise of Mnemosyne. Alpha Omega. All these lead to the Rebellion. But which one is the key? Or rather... Who holds it?

The Mistake

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Song of T...
by mahriyumm