Reboot: The Guardia...
By ajoifuls1ngr137
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What if there were a fifth guardian? Someone new to the group yet familiar. Someone who's not as they seem. Someone who will change their lives forever. ~~~ Meet the long lost sister to Austin Carter, who's supposed to be dead. Everyone wondered why Austin felt sad when recalling the memory of his old house. He always thought that he was the reason the garage, along with his father's lab, was caught on fire. But Parker knew it was more than that; the moment his sister went inside the garage, it was caught on fire. The police never found the body but presumed she was dead. Two years later, a new girl appears out of no where in their neighborhood. At first, everyone thought she was just a regular kid. But over time, Austin and Parker began to realize they've seen her before. Just not recently. That morning, as they went down to Room 0, they found the same girl, looking around in awe. Once they confronted her, she revealed her true identity; she was the first human Adam Carter transported into cyber space, and was originally supposed to be the fifth guardian. But Adam decided that it would be best for her to be an emergency guardian in case the quartet needed more help. Parker instantly remembered who she really was, even before Austin could realize, which the rest of the guardians thought was kinda weird. But before they could go further into detail, they get a dark code alert, meaning Megabyte's back. So the guardians travel back to cyberspace, but this time with their new teammate. ~~~ (I only own Jane Carter and any other characters that I may or may not write in this book. All the others are part of the Netflix original series, Reboot: The Guardian Code.) ~Vocalist_Joi_13/7 says PAALAM

Team Game Night

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Reboot: T...
by ajoifuls1ngr137