BTS Kidnapped - Fac...
By ClassicClaudia
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You know they're watching you. You sit down in front of the mirror wall and stare into your own eyes. "I know you're there," you whisper. "I hate you," you slam your fists on the mirror. "I hate you I hate you I hate you!" you scream. Tears are flowing down your face, you let your head fall down and let it rest against the mirror. You sigh and start to cry for what feels like ages. Suddenly you hear a soft knock coming from the mirror. You look up and see yourself with teary confused wide eyes. Then you hear the soft knock again. - You've been kidnapped and held prisoner by seven guys, all with their own desires. Will you be able to escape this horror story or will you live the rest of your life as their personal slave? Will you hate your time there or will you start to crave their love? Read and find out... Sex/Dark/Twisted Be warned can be graphic Recommend 18 or above First draft: Started: 13-4-2018 Ended: 24-11-2018 Highest Ranking: 1 in Jimin 1 in JHope / Hoseok / j-hope 1 in kidnapping 3 in kpop 5 in bts/bangtansonyeondan 7 in Namjoon 16 in fanfic/fanfiction © ClassicClaudia 2019

Trailer - 5k Special

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BTS Kidna...
by ClassicClaudia