Ships in the Night
By CharlotteMichelle96
  • Romance
  • friendship
  • love
  • ocean
  • oppisitesattract
  • opposites
  • outcast
  • pain
  • romance
  • smalltown


He would never forget her. Her beautiful blonde hair. Her friendly, sincere eyes. Her joyous laughter that could liven up a funeral home. He met her on his final day of vacation, dancing in the ocean under a star-light sky. They spoke, they laughed, they even cried and then they said goodbye. They were like ships in the night, passing by. They just didn't get the timing right... But that doesn't mean they won't be granted another chance. He never thought he would find her in the most unlikely of places... Singing on the stage of his church. She has been within reach all this time, yet he never knew. He had sworn off his church for the rest of his life, for he feels as if they had wronged him in the worst way possible. However, repaying a favor to a friend might have been the best decision he ever made. Will Kol and Kinsey get the chance for their happily ever after? Or are they only ever meant to be ships passing in the night?


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