Chasing Rainbows
By sardonicoptimist
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Marley is good at pretending. Pretending that she's not traumatized by her sister's death. Pretending that she doesn't feel guilty for being the cause of the accident that killed her sister. Pretending she's fine. Even her closest friends are unaware of her past. Omitting the truth is now just part of her. Until Liam, the persistent and flirtatious nephew of her next-door-neighbors moves in. For some reason, Marley finds it hard to keep her carefully constructed fa├žade intact around Liam. For the last three years her guilt has made her try to make up for her sister's absence. Formerly a rebel without a cause with abysmal grades and an even worse attendance record, she has turned a 180 and became the perfect student with perfect grades in an attempt to go to med school, which was her sister's biggest dream. Marley figures if she can achieve June's dreams, then maybe she isn't completely gone, maybe she didn't just die for nothing Maybe her parents will finally utter her name again. Maybe her overwhelming guilt will finally go away. Maybe she'll finally, truly be at peace. Cover by @flowermindd

Red in the Face

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Chasing R...
by sardonicoptimist