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He was one of the most renowned General in ancient China. He knocked down the enemies with only 500 cavalries, merciless in the battlefield, and deserve the title of God of War. On the other side, he also possesses a good personality, a kind heart, and gentleness. He always hides his handsome features beneath his golden mask. Yet, a twisted fate led him to his calamity. With his last breath, the young general swore: "In the next life, I, Gao Zhang Gong will take a revenge for my every suffering!" She was an ordinary girl from 21st century with a bright personality and smart brain. Because of a certain ancient mask, her soul time-traveled to the three kingdom era and entered a weak body of an unfavored second young miss in Prime Minister manor. "Those who dare to put my handsome General into calamity will suffer from an endless humility!" "General Gao, I'm one of your die-hard fans! Can you give me your autograph?" "Xing Xing, how about you wear a mask too?" This is a sweet story about a transmigrated young lady and a rebirthed God of War. [This is an original story, not a translation.] Hope you guys enjoy it! (◠‿◠✿)

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