The Canefield Killer
By RodneyVSmith
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2018 Wattys Winner - A serial killer stalks the tropical paradise of Barbados, leaving victims naked in cane fields. With locals and tourists alike in danger, the island police force is ill-equipped to handle the case, the first of its kind. Enter Seattle homicide detective and Barbados native: Detective John Riley. Riley hasn't been back to Barbados in decades, and he has his own demons to face. With the murders escalating and the killer anticipating Riley's every move, the game begins. But as he combats the heat, the media, and detectives in the same police force he is working to assist, can he put a stop to the violence? Or are those closest to Detective Riley the most in danger? *****REVIEWS***** @knoni2006 Drama; excitement; twists and turns; and mean cliffhangers all made for a page-turning detective story. Thank you for sharing this well-crafted story with us; for your comments which enlightened and entertained us; and for the enduring vision of Riley's awesome abs! @IvorRichards Hey man, just wanted to say I loved this and couldn't stop reading! @Hafferby I really loved this, and the third act was very tense and, accepting my reservations about the rushed Feld coda, it's a worthy watty winner @Comfatino Totally loved this book @Aicherr Totally loved this book. I love how you focus on the case more than bringing romance or sex to the story. Some may not like it but I enjoy that about this book. The descriptions were on point. I can understand Barbados's humid and hot atmosphere since I also grew up in an island country. Anyway I love the story a lot and look forward to read more story of yours.


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The Canef...
by RodneyVSmith