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➵ r e q u e s t s a r e c l o s e d ➵ (requests are redirected to 2nd nightcore book) - highest rank(s) achieved: #1 nightcore, #11 lyrics - Hello everyone, my name's Caitlin, but feel free to call me Ace or Snow. This is a book filled with a collection of nightcore songs. Plus, I'll be sure to include the nightcore artist and song writer that made the songs to give them credit for every nightcore song I post. Thank you! ^_^ (EDIT) Note: None of the videos I post belong to me! This is mainly a collection book of all the popular songs that readers may be familiar with (Sub to them if you want to listen to more of their songs!). :) Feel free to comment, and I'll be happy to reply to you guys (comments, questions, suggestions, concerns, or song requests/note: Please make it appropriate). - Update: Any issue with the videos, let me know and I'll get to you in a moment (such as replacing the video or re-uploading it). Some issues may also consist of playing the music from your phone instead of your pc/laptop.


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