Eyes of a Hawk: Zor...
By TeruTategami
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Bartholomew Kuma had broken up the entire Straw Hat Crew by flinging their nine members across the globe to areas of their self interest. Roronoa Zoro lands upon a gloomy island home to killer baboons but not to forget the man he both admires and hates the most. Forced to face death to the lower species, Mihawk comes to the rescue with his famous black cross sword drawn and the beasts leave the duo to be. It came as a surprise once Mihawk's sword transforms into a woman with eyes as golden and hungry as Mihawk's. Hawkeye Mihawk has a daughter? No no... His sword is his daughter? A literal Swordswoman? Now Zoro is looking forward to the next two years. This book contains references to the anime Soul Eater if you hadn't figured that out from the description.

Chapter 1: Uninvited House Guests

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Eyes of a...
by TeruTategami