The House of Carrin...
By DawnMDrake
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{Book 4} ~ [Can Oil and Water ever mix?] Carrington Enterprises, the most successful Oil Company in Dallas, Texas, comes under a personal siege. Philip Winthrop, owner of Winthrop Oil is still fuming that Bianca Thatcher married Colin Carrington, and not his son, Jagger. Greyson, the CEO, will not let Philip destroy The House of Carrington that his great grandfather built. Enter Shayne Carrington, with steel grey eyes and a chiseled jawline that could cut glass. He becomes the new CFO, at Carrington Enterprises and gains a financial assistant, Sabine Harlow. She feels he needs to be taken down a peg or two with his arrogance. Is his over confidence a mask for deeper hidden feelings? Will their battle of wills lead to a deep love that neither of them expected? "Hello Sabine, I hear we're going to be working together. Please don't think I had anything to do with that decision. Trust me on that! Please try to keep your claws in, during working ours." Shayne smirked as he handed me a file of paperwork with sticky notes. He wrote directions on the outside like I was a kindergartener. "Oh, by the way your new desk will be outside of my office tomorrow. I'll see you in the morning, Miss Harlow." He moved his thick brown eyebrows up and down. He had the nerve to grin from ear to ear with his arms folded, as he stood before me. I was exasperated with him already, "I have until the end of the day, to decide if I am willing to be your assistant." I snapped at him with an extra smug, and cold expression on my face. He leaned over my desk close enough to my face, with his steel grey eyes, that I saw hints of blue in them, "I have no doubt, that you will be sitting at your desk tomorrow working for Shayne Carrington." He stated a little too sure of himself. I can't do it! Who speaks in third person about themselves? He's too handsome, smells better than he should, and thinks too highly of himself. He needs to be taken down a peg or two. Cover ~ @-kyavhill

~Chapter One~

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The House...
by DawnMDrake