After James // phan
By GypsyRover
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They told Dan that he and Louise would be safe under their watchful eye. That all they had to do was move to Manchester, take on new identities, and no harm would come to them. The Witness Protection Program controls everything in their new lives; their jobs, their home, their worlds. But there's one thing they can't control. Phil Lester. When Phil starts snooping into Dan and Louise's past, he not only puts the three of them in danger, but he also risks exposing his two new friends to a terrible threat. It's up to Dan, now James, to protect his new friend and his new identity, until the whole thing blows over and he can go back to being his old self. But Dan will never be the same. Not after Manchester, not after Phil, and definitely not after James.

confidential pt. 1

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After Jam...
by GypsyRover