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VINCENZO D'AMBROSI ♔ He's the king of the country. Everyone fears him. No one stands a chance in surviving if you spare him a glance. He has everyone under his feet. He doesn't take no for an answer. His possession is take to another lever when he meets the wonderful Mia Delacruz A down to earth girl but with an attitude. Enzo has her eyes on her and won't let her go, He desires her. He needs her. He has to have her. ------------------------------ "I-I um didn't m-meant to say that" he had a cocky smirks knowing the opposite of my statement. "Oh really, then what did you meant to say?" I stay silent again. "You know, it's taking everything inside me not to bend you over and fuck you duro, I love my women feisty, so sexy" he whispers in my ear making me shiver. "I'm not sexy, find someone who is" he looks at me with lustful eyes and raging eyes. Guess I ruined the moment. Suck it up big boy. "Your wrong preziosa, you are breathtaking and so damn irresistible" his hand starts gliding to my waistline. I push his hand away but he growls, "don't resist babygirl" Started: April 6, 2018


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by -Pineapple14