His Short Beauty
By kmeliahsnx
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"She is one short beauty." "Yeah..too bad she is off limits." "Really?" "Yeah. Ever heard about the new guy? She is his." "Oh yeah. She is indeed, his short beauty." ----------+++---------- "You really think you can run away from me? Too bad baby doll, I am really good at catching. Once I catch it, I won't let go again." Ryder whispered huskily to my ear and nibbled my earlobe then rest his head in the crook of my neck. Fuck "Mine." ----------+++---------- Camellia Waters was a beauty but also the shortest girl in her batch. She was also like the youngest girl in her school due the her height and her attitude. Even in her badass outfit she would always looks like a little kid trying to look bad. Meanwhile, Ryder Stone on the other hand was a gorgeous and also a tall new boy in her school. He had girls fanning themselves when they were around him but he would not even spare a glance at them as he just had his eyes on one girl. And that was Camellia. So, what happen when the tall meets the short? Of course, the word 'Mine' will be heard. But will Camellia accept the fact that a tall gorgeous new boy in her school claim her as his own or run away from him as Camellia herself was confused with her own feeling? Find out more about the short beauty's life in 'His Short Beauty' ----------+++---------- This is my first story. I know it's not much but please give me a chance to show my interest in writing. Thank you.

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His Short...
by kmeliahsnx