Leave It All Behind
By Kitten1134
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Rin Okumura is fed up. He is fed up with school. He is fed up with Life. He is fed up with everything. He just wishes that he could leave it all behind. Even after he had successfully saved everyone back in Kyoto from the impure king, it still isn't enough to regain his so called friends trust and kindness. Everyone from Assiah had turned his back on him, including Yukio. What happens when he is given an opportunity to leave it all behind? Will he take the opportunity? How will his ex-friends react to his decisions? Blue Exorcist along with any original characters belong to Kazue Kato. I also do not own the cover art, credit goes to creator of the artwork. (Whoever that may be) Blue Exorcist Fan fiction. Trigger warnings: -Depression -Suicidal thoughts -Slight self harm -Suicide attempt -Gay moments -There will be some Amaimon x Rin but it's slight and not the main focus. So if that disappoints you you may leave calmly and quietly thank you very much If any of those upset you I would not recommend reading this. @fangirlBlueExorcist helped with the creation of this story Which means she owns half of this story, along with me since we both worked on it.

Leave It All Behind

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Leave It...
by Kitten1134