Wild Skin
By Ronianna
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➡️The 2018 Wattys Longlist The Akwa empire has risen to become the most powerful civilization of its time in the Eastern and Central Africa, having spread its territories from the banks of the Luapala river to the shores of Lake Nyanza, the stories of its wealth and magnificent military prowess are the songs that are in every child's mouth. But the tides are taking a worse turn. The glittering wealth has caught the attention of foreign nations. Threats lurk in every corner and with more neighboring kingdoms getting invaded, their riches plundered and innocent people forced into slavery, the future of the Akwa empire remains uncertain. And that's when she rises. Born to a local chief, Amari had no business in the palace in the first place. Free like the wind and stronger like the sun that shines even in the darkest skies, she was brave. She was a hunter, a warrior, wild and untamed. To have the reigns of the monarchy fall in her hands was her destiny and to restore the old glory of her empire was her mission. But how was she going to save anyone from danger when the prophecy claims she was born for destruction? ➡️A 19th century Africa Historical Fiction. ➡️Weekly updates Copyright © 2018 by Ronianna

The Akwa Empire

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Wild Skin
by Ronianna