Guess Who //Villai...
By Takyio
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After realizing that Izuku couldn't be a hero he still never gave up. Not until he was told he couldn't be one from his all time favorite hero, All might. Deku had no reason to live anymore, he hated his life. He was even told to commit suicide by his childhood friend that he was madly in love with. His crush hated him. He was also going to UA, one of the top schools out there. His crush was going to leave him for a stupid school, His Kacchan was breaking up with him. ⚠🚨 I should probably make this clear before y'all ready ⚠🚨 This fan fiction may talk about heavy stuff such as: *suicide *sexual harassment (I mean serious!) *angst *smut *gore *extremely heavy language * and some homophobic (really just one line) Please, if anything makes you uncomfortable that is listed above read with caution! Please be safe children ⚠🚨

Chapter One: Realization

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Guess Who...
by Takyio