The Southside Girl
By Cowscantdance
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3RD PLACE IN THE RECOGNITION AWARDS!! Hit 1K reads on 1/10/2019!!! Hit 2K reads on 5/14/2020!!! My OC, plus my Ocs family, (her aunts boyfriend included. Plot and storyline is mine. The Riverdale cast members and characters belong to the Archie comics and Riverdale creators, directors and more. In a town where most people just think that the south side of town was the most dangerous place, where a boy was murdered in Sweetwater river. The first place that people pinpointed where the murder was from, the south side of town. Jayden Rowan is a teenage girl who recently moved to the south side of town after her Aunt's boyfriend became a Serpent. Will she still be the innocent and creative girl her north side friends became to know? THE SOUTHSIDE GIRL SPOTIFY PLAYLIST IN BIO!!

Cast Introduction

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The South...
by Cowscantdance