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By minty-peppermint
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[ This story is temporarily on hiatus while I work on more chapters. Stay tuned! ] The Arah Chronicles : Book One In the vast elemental kingdom of Arah, everything about Ren's life was fairly ordinary. Her daily routine was simple: sell crops from her family farm, go to school, do her homework, and eat her vegetables. But her comfortable little reality was shattered when the Aether Element, the artifact responsible for holding the fabric of the universe together, was stolen. In an attempt to save her family and farm, the young girl joined a group responsible for catching the thief before her world meets its doom. Will Ren and her newfound allies be able to save the world? Or will darkness and destruction envelope all of Arah? *:・゚✧ [Cover art by the fantastic @jayisblue] Copyright: All Rights Reserved

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The Aethe...
by minty-peppermint