Neighbors With Bene...
By Ludlyn
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You thought he was the one. He taught you how to love, believe that forever does really exist and Prince Charming is real. He made you fall for him hard. Hard in a way that you made yourself believe that he was your source of life, without him you're lifeless. Until you saw him, with other girl. Making out and almost having s.ex in the club, not only once. You we're too wreck that all you want to do is get drunk and forget about everything. The next day, you messed up but ready to forgive him because you love him that much. Until you realized that you're not on your room! Fvck! Where the hell am I? You heard someone talk beside you and your soul almost left your body when you saw your neighbor lying beside you smiling widely and naked! "I had a great night with you Kylie, I want to play with you all over again." Sabi pa niya sakin. No! No! No! Tell me I didn't just give in my virginity just like that! And not with this guy! Not with my Neighbor! Not with my Boyfriend's younger brother! Shīt! Highest Rank @General Fiction: #9

Neighbors With Benefits

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by Ludlyn