Iron Empire
By SmittyBS
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The Great Iron War has been raging for ten years. The Earth is divided. War has changed. An unstoppable army sweeps across the globe, conquering the world in Mechanized Embarkable Combat Hardware - giant robots known as mechs. The year is 2042. Our world is at war, filled with broken metal, broken cities and broken people. If left unchecked, the war will tear the world apart. Enter Jackson Quinn. His goal? End the Iron War, no matter the cost, no matter the winner. Before it's over he'll either accomplish much more or go down in a heap of burning metal. Choose your mech, lock and load and drop into a high-flying, explosive adventure about righteousness, greed and giant robots. Features an original soundtrack. No art is mine. Enjoy. - Part of #writteninaction - People's choice winner in the Youngblood awards (2018) - Highest ranks: #1 in World War #1 in Mech #1 in Machines #10 in Robots #31 in Sci-fi #127 in Action

Prologue One: Righteousness' Sake

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Iron Empi...
by SmittyBS