His One Love
By Morg180
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Xander Moretti is a handsome Billionare and is The most known and rich Billionare in America . Although he is known to be cruel and harsh towards most except for his best friend and assistant in office named Leo, deep down he is very lonely and wants to find someone who will truly love him and not just for his money. Sure he has women throwing themselves at him, but he does not take interest to any as he is determined to find his One True Love, his soulmate. Natalie Orez, nicknamed Nina for short, is an orphan. When Natalie turned 18 she left the orphanage and found a job as a waitress at a small diner in her town. She is beautiful, kind, hardworking, loving and extremely innocent and shy. She has a very forgiving heart and desires nothing more than to survive in this world alone, as she has no family. Little does she know a certain Billionaire is about to change her whole life.

Chapter 1

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His One L...
by Morg180