Brooklyn Nights (LG...
By OralKel
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Pierson "Pierce" Matthews is living in the city of Brooklyn where he can see the majestic view of the Brooklyn Bridge. He has a happy life, a stable job, a home where he can live, and an income that can support his family throughout their lives. Back in High School he was being mocked at, being bullied, and he decided to prove someone that he could reach the top and never back down. Pierce is contented the way things are happening, and he thinks that nobody or nothing can drag him down. Until one thing happens that he didn't expect. Someone from the past comes along, and worse, that person has become his new boss, who will do anything just to see him crumble down, anticipating his downfall. But would Pierce let that happen? He was basically a follower when he was a student of the Jacksonville High School, and he decides that he has had enough of that; he will do whatever it takes to reach the top, just like he promised to his parents.

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by OralKel