Southside Serpent |...
By larry_Stylinson9119
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"They say all good boys go to heaven." I state, looking deep into the latter's green, lust filled eyes. "And the bad boys bring heaven to you." Harry growls into my ear, leaving me whimpering and shivering at the feeling of his minty breath mixed with nicotine on my face. "I want to show you," He states, looking into my eyes again. "Show me what?" I ask innocently, not knowing what the Southside Serpent could possibly mean. "How good I can make you feel. What heaven feels like." × Riverdale centres around a group of high school students who are shocked by the death of their classmate, Jason Blossom. The town is split on two sides. The north side and the south side. Louis Tomlinson is the good boy from the north side and Harry Styles is the bad boy from the south side. When they meet, Louis doesn't feel anything but hatred towards the punk boy with curls. How can he feel something else? He was raised in a family that always hated the Southside and it's serpents. But his feelings quickly change into something else which is forbidden by many people. They couldn't be more different and they couldn't be more in love. × One look was all it took to Harry. On look, and he knew, he is the perfect for him. A good boy that knows exactly when to be bad for him.

Southside Serpent.

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by larry_Stylinson9119