BOUND (#1, of Crows...
By AvaLarksen
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[THIS STORY WILL BECOME FREE ON JULY 1, 2024] She's the reason the heart of my family had been torn apart. Because that night, I'd unwittingly chosen her. Now, years later, she's my prey. [Season 1 'Of Crows and Thorns'] *** NELLE:- Cursed by a terrifying dark power, I'm a secret hidden in plain sight. For no one is permitted to wield magic not approved by those we serve - the Horned Gods. If my secret is discovered, everyone I love will die. But I can barely control the darkness writhing beneath my flesh and desperately need to escape my family home to seek answers to dangerous questions. The only person I can ask for help is Graysen Crowther - a ruthless enforcer and, ugh, my jerk-of-a-fiancé. Of course, there's always a catch. This time, Graysen desires a kiss. But that one kiss awakes something more dangerous than desire and more mysterious than even the magic of the insidious marriage contract that binds us together. GRAYSEN:- I'm the one entrusted to uncover the depths of Nelle's sinister secret. Time is running out fast. And threats sweep in from all sides. Even from her own family. Because while I'm hunting Nelle, something else is hunting her too. ['Of Crows and Thorns' is an epic saga that doesn't belong to only Nelle. There's another who deserves her tale to be told alongside Nelle's: Miss Catt. We alternate between these two leads, and in between their books are smaller novels centered on the Crowther brothers. All the novels, no matter who the leads are or what timeline they occur, drive the dire dilemma of Nelle's storyline. They add clues, build on mysteries, and offer you a chance to reunite with the crossover characters.] [2018 WATTY LONGLISTED] WARNING: This story contains strong language, and depictions of violence, childhood trauma, coercion, dubious consent, domestic violence, and sexual assault that may not be suitable for some readers. Cover Design by Ren Tachibana

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BOUND (#1...
by AvaLarksen