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By CalebRyanWriter
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A book of various types of writing prompts and story plot adoptions that I will be posting on here to help prompt you to write -- especially helpful when dealing with writer's block -- and to help stimulate the creative juices that the good LORD has provided us. You're free to use these prompts for story ideas and contests and whatnot, so long as you mention where you got the idea/prompt from. The more people who see this, the more better and fun it'll be for everyone -- especially me. lol XD ^_^ I'll probably be posting on this maybe twice a week. So definitely bookmark this book if you'd like updates. Or follow me. Whichever. Please let me know if you'd like me to continue doing these. If so, then I'll try to spend a little more time coming up with writing prompts. Thank you for your time. ^_^ Stay Sunny! ----------------------- Rank: - #30 in #writingprompts as of 5/13/18

Part 1: Writing Prompts

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Just My T...
by CalebRyanWriter