Beast and the beauty
By mikaelanay
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Mates find each other, whatever the circumstances. Evelyn Rothford has been chosen as a mate for the next in line Alpha of the Silvergale pack. She has no problem with it because this arranged marriage kind of thing has been going on for a while now in their pack. Why? Because the blessing of a mate has been snatched away from her pack. Something to do with someone, generations ago, disrespecting the moon goddess. That's a whole other story. Braxton James, the stepson of the Alpha of Silvergale is a part of the rogue clan that serves Silvergale as an extra army. As much as he hates doing that, his mother's promise and the hefty money that they get in return for serving them stops him. Sparks fly the moment they meet but these are not romantic at all, they are angry and they are heated. Will something come out of it or will they remain just sparks? ***** You don't have to read Mate #1 to read this. This is completely different.


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Beast and...
by mikaelanay