My Beautiful Myster...
By loveforbooks333
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" I love you too" he said grinning widely . People say those three words are magical , they make your world . But this moment their magic is lost on me , it shattered my world into pieces . I looked at him and the world, the dreams which I thought I will share just vanished into thin air . Meet Nandita Bhasin a simple 23year old girl who values relations . Takes care of her family as well as handles her family business . Loves to see others happy and keeps their happiness before hers . Meet Ishan Chadha a quirky 25 years old guy who has helped to grow his family business and works hard to make it world's best . Everyone loves him . He is easy going and emotional at the same time . He keeps to himself mostly but opens up to the people he loves . Does love always cause happiness? What could be the type of relation between them? Will they ever be together? To find out ! Read my book !

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My Beauti...
by loveforbooks333