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They say every cloud has a silver lining. Cliché, I know. But, with twenty-year-old psychology student - Meliora Simmons, the clouds only appear to turn a darker shade of gray with no evidence of a bright side. Nightmares haunt her since her childhood; nightmares so morbid, they keep her awake in the dark, shackled in the aftermath of their destruction. He entire life, she has asked questions and begged for explanations, returning empty-handed each time. Now, she can't help but think her life is just a gigantic question mark, an anomaly. That is until one day, she finds out her nightmare has turned into a reality. A murder at hand and the only witness being herself, a possible suspect too, she's forced to find her own answers. Little does she know, her answers come with a price. A handsome one at that. BOOK ONE of the 'ENCHANTED' Series ======================= !!DISCLAIMER!! This is a short story series (roughaly 20 or so chapters) Only the FIRST THREE chapters are EDITED. You may find a change in the writing style after that since I'm tinkering with it while I edit. Highest Rank: 253 under Zayn 638 under Wolf ©bigpaynolicious


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